459 Broad Street

Augusta, Ga. 30901

Joining the Richmond County  Democrats

Want to make a difference? Want to fight for progress? Join the Richmond County Democratic Party. We are one of the most active county parties in Georgia!  We remain the strongest democratic entity on Georgia's east coast! We are a fast growing party and welcome new members!

To become a non-voting member of the Richmond County Democratic Party is simple:

Meet the requirements:

  • You self-identity as a Democrat

  • You are a Richmond  County Resident.

  • You are 18 years of age or older.

If you’d like to become a voting member of the body, the process is a little more involved.

Voting members of the Richmond County Democratic Committee are called Post Seat Holders. Holding a Post Seat empowers you to vote on important business administered at the monthly Business Meetings and in party elections. Holding a Post Seat also qualifies you to run for some of these elected positions.  Postseat holder elections are held on presidential and gubernatorial years, or by vacancy. 

To become a Non-Voting Member of the Richmond County Democratic Party, c

complete the membership form online below (preferred method)

Chairman's Club - $500-Above

Friends of the Democratic Party - $100-$499

True Blue Democrat - $50-$99

Young Democrats - $10-$49